Trip Itinerary – Over 33,000 Miles!

For full itinerary (flight numbers, arrival and departure times, etc…) click HERE to see a PDF version of my flight schedule.

4 Responses to Trip Itinerary – Over 33,000 Miles!

  1. OK, we got you from 10:A.M. Thursday the 30th, until ~8: P.M. Friday the 1st.
    Tell us what you want to see, or have heard about.
    We’ll work them in with the usual tourist traps, (which you can veto, one or all).
    Then we’ll hit the places only the locals know about.
    Then you can sleep it all off on the red-eye back to New York.

    Let you trip’s motto be – “Have Party, Will Travel”.
    B&B in Seattle

  2. Sara Burton Jennings says:

    When you land the 6th I would be happy to clear my schedule to see you!

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